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doodle duel #doodlesofinstagram #goldendoodle (at Triangle Park)

it cracks me up how protective my dog gets at night - he forgets he’s part poodle & looks like a teddy bear


"What? I was just digging for the Easter bunny!"

as many of you know, my dog knows how to open doors. up until very recently, it’s been doors that have levered handles … but now he can work with door knobs. I’m in big trouble. 

So in the rare instance that you haven’t heard, my dog Tyler was named one of Austin’s Fittest Dogs! Even though I’m slightly biased, I thought the article was beautifully written and highly suggest that you read it. The AFM team also produced a great video that recaps all of the dogs photo shoots (Tyler is at minute marker 1:40 … and there may or may not be a horse cameo).

Thank you Austin Fit Magazine for the beautiful pictures and such a fun day!

Attempting to take a family Christmas card picture and Tyler of course photo bombed it … it won’t be the chosen one, but I still love it :)

Tyler has his Thanksgiving priorities straight - Hook ‘Em!

I might be mayor of the Triangle Park, but my dog is definitely the king! (at Triangle Park)

a goldendoodle truth 

a goldendoodle truth